Dear PROI Worldwide Partners

Each PROI Worldwide Agency is requested to upload a PPT about their Agency, using the standard format which was developed with the support of The Vandiver Group, your PROI Partner in St. Louis, USA after we consulted with all PROI Partners to determine what the content of each PPT should include.

These PPTs are meant to be used for:

1. Obtaining in-depth basic information about a Partner Agency
2. Information that can easily be linked together with PPTs from other Partners for use in client pitches

If you do not see YOUR OWN AGENCY'S PPT below then you should talk to your Agency's owner and/or your Agency's PROI Web Administrator who is the only person who can upload the PPT direct to this page.

"Our PROI Partnership gives us access to a great network of independent partner agencies both in the U.S. and globally. Ready access to knowledge of key issues, the policymakers who influence them and the media who cover the action in cities across the globe provides added value to our clients."

Scott Widmeyer
Chairman and CEO
Widmeyer Communications