Public opinion can increasingly interfere with the conduct of business.
Launching a product in a new market, acquiring a company in another country, introducing technological innovations, restructuring an existing business: these are all commonplace management decisions.

However, all these decisions affect people who, along with media, may promptly voice their opinions on a local, national or international scale. These opinions can provide essential support for, or show possible crippling hostility to, your management decisions.

Distance increases the risk of misperceptions, based on misunderstandings.
Each market, each region, each country has its own particularities - be they language, culture, traditions or type of social fabric and behaviour. Ignoring these factors can cost a lot of money and create major disruptions and delays that may reduce your chances of success. Recognizing them can improve management performance.

Organizing international PR is about creating understanding for performance.
How should you announce your arrival in a new market? Who should you contact and inform first? Which individuals or groups are critical to your success, and how should you communicate with them?

How can you be sure you will not alienate someone with a wrong move, even though totally unintentional?

At home with your publics worldwide.
PROI Worldwide Partners are owners/entrepreneurs of some of the most capable independent public relations consultancies in their respective markets. We provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of the communities we live and work in: our homes.

As a group, we represent one of the strongest and most flexible resource bases you can access to improve your business effectiveness through adapted public relations.

Richard Tsang
Global Chairman, PROI Worldwide

Chairman & Managing Director
Strategic Public Relations Group, Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region, China 


More even than the advertising business, PR has seen an unprecedented wave of consolidation in the past few years with the world’s six biggest communication groups having bought dozens of independent PR firms in order to create critical mass and, ostensibly, to better serve their clients.

The main driver for this behaviour is the next quarter’s earnings mentality. These groups are committed to providing their investors with a continuing revenue and earnings curve, irrespective of market conditions. As public companies, the issuing of paper to buy successful independent firms is both a cheap and fast way of achieving growth and market share.

While these major groups can be very skilful at serving large clients in several different markets the fact remains that there is a considerable community of clients who simply do not want the cost or experience of a "top six" network.

Many clients have come to learn that the values held by the multi-national businesses are not always consistent with the partnerships they seek to form with their public relations advisors. Nonetheless, these clients often need PR in more than one geographic market and the time and cost of identifying independents in each market can be prohibitive.

It is for just such clients that PROI Worldwide exists. PROI was established in 1970 and attracts leading independent PR firms in each market. These firms meet regularly, provide one another with best practice in client service and in internal training, and work together on behalf of shared clients.

The ethos of PROI Worldwide Partners is to assist one another and, in turn, their clients. By making co-operation and service the drivers of the relationship, rather than profit or growth, clients have in PROI Worldwide a PR partner who is collaborative and commercially aware.

Clients benefit from the entrepreneurial cultures of the independent firms, while experiencing a smooth international PR effort that feels very different from that provided by the big six.

The spirit that underpins PROI Worldwide is the desire to work for clients in multiple territories. By actually wanting to serve across borders, rather than seeing it as an inevitable consequence of managing large accounts, PROI Worldwide captures a potent force for clients: the desire to be successful together.

 Richard Tsang
Global Chairman, PROI Worldwide

Chairman & Managing Director
Strategic Public Relations Group, Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region, China 

"PROI's Australian Partner Scaffidi Hugh-Jones has helped the Australian National Retailers Association build an enviable profile in just two years. SHJ's strategic approach and deep understanding of advocacy has been invaluable, and their media networks and nose for news have achieved great results for ANRA."

Margy Osmond
Chief Executive
Australian National Retailers Association