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Bayo: Reimagining a Holiday Campaign
M2.0 Communications Inc.

M2.0 Communications

Philips Sound
M2.0 Communications

New World Makati Hotel - Year 2 Campaign
M2.0 Communications, Inc.

B. Braun Medical Supplies Inc.
M2.0 Communications

WOW! TAIWAN SELECTS: Taiwan’s Commerce Development Research Institute
M2.0 Communications

Slinshot MNL: The Official Startup Event of APEC Philippines 2015
M2.0 Communications, Inc.

Call Me
LEAD created a brand platform for Call Me’s communication activities and public relations as part of the launch of the CSR campaign - Watch Your Mouth. The goal was to create a brand platform and a range of communications activities that would make Call me stand out from the long list of telco brands in Denmark by integrating a relevant and strong CSR statement in all of Call me's communications activities, including Call me's special corporate culture, the strong customer relationship and a focus on dialogue and tone. The development of the brand platform included a situation analysis, a number of innovative steering committee meetings and workshops, presentation and implementation of the platform, press launch and execution. The press launch alone resulted in +20 news stories, interviews and features in Denmark, digital news and trade media, and spots on both nationwide and regional radio and television.

LEAD was assisting Huawei in understanding the Danish political system, providing analysis of stakeholder perception of Huawei, developing contingency plans and crisis communication strategies. Furthermore LEAD provided substantial PR - especially in regards to corporate communication. LEAD acted as trusted advisor to Huawei and was available for 24/7 counseling. Huawei won in 2013 a substantial order for TDC amounting to DKK 4 billion for establishing and managing the 4G mobile network in Denmark.

Tesla Motors
In 2015 the Danish government changed from red to blue and Tesla was facing a critical threat to their business model. The government wanted to introduce taxes on electric cars from 2016, and they used the popular luxury brand of Tesla to pave the way for support from the socialist opposition. LEAD was hired in the fall of 2015 to limit the damages. At that time it was too late to avoid some taxes on electric cars, but we managed to help introduce a tax model that very slowly introduced the changes. As a result, Tesla ended up selling more cars in Denmark in 2015, than in any other country in world. And thanks to a continuous lobby effort, the long term legislation is likely to be rolled back in Q4 2016.

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