Crenshaw Communications: 11 Blogging Tips For Busy Perfectionists

“I have no time.” “What would I say?” “How could I keep it going?” These are questions that staff, clients, and colleagues have asked about maintaining a business blog. And they’re all fair questions and objections. Blogging isn’t always easy. If it were, everyone would do it. And even though it may seem like everyone... Read moreThe post 11 Blogging Tips For Busy Perfectionists appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.... more »

Posted August 19th 2014 9:48 am

Wellcom: A vos agendas ! A partir du 25 août, défi 30 jours pour réussir sa rentrée avec

« Défi 30 jours pour une rentrée réussie » ou comment conserver le sourire des vacances ! Du 25 août au 25 septembre 2014, 30 défis et conseils pour réussir sa rentrée proposés par les équipes du nouveau site Cap’ ou pas cap’ ?   Voici venu le temps d’organiser sa rentrée et de conserver les bénéfices... more »

Posted August 18th 2014 9:40 am

Mostra: Can we do it ? Yes we Cannes !

Its summer, and ICF Mostra’s feeling the heat – of the competition. On 12 August, we have been awarded a coveted Dolphin for five videos that we submitted to the 5th edition of the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. No mean feat when you consider that, this year, the Awards received a record 725 entries for all over the world! And in just under... more »

Posted August 14th 2014 8:52 am

MAGNUS Investor Relations + Corporate Communication: Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is a naturally engaging medium and, in an age of information overload, it’s now fundamental for businesses to offer content that is relevant and easy to digest. As a result, online video distribution has become an increasingly important marketing communication tool for both internal and external communication and with the new generation of high-speed... more »

Posted August 11th 2014 11:54 pm

int/ext Communications AG: Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ Communications Network experiences intensive media training

Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ Communications Network experiences intensive media... more »

Posted July 15th 2014 6:00 pm

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