Mostra: Celebrating Schengen: Breaking borders within Europe

Three anniversaries for the Schengen area occur in 2015 and to help celebrate, ICF Mostra produced eight short, testimonial-based videos for the European Commission’s Directorate General of Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME). Each two-minute video highlights a cross-border activity in the lives of Europeans... more »

Posted July 31st 2015 6:36 am

MAGNUS Corporate and Financial Communication: Crisis Preparation Training: Why it’s critical for every company

Deloitte’s ‘Reputation at Risk’ survey of 300 executives revealed almost 90% rated reputation risk as more important than any other strategic risk faced by companies. Despite this, only 19% of those surveyed rated themselves an ‘A-grade’ when it came to their performance in responding to a crisis and managing these risks. The reality is many... more »

Posted July 30th 2015 7:57 pm

Crenshaw Communications: 5 Brands With Great PR On Instagram

Instagram is a powerful PR tool for brands to develop their audience and voice. A 2014 Forrester study found Instagram is 58 times more engaging than Facebook, and 120 times more engaging than Twitter. When used alongside other PR tactics, Instagram can complement and amplify a brand or company’s core messaging in distinct ways. So... Read more The post 5 Brands With Great PR On Instagram appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. ... more »

Posted July 30th 2015 6:28 pm

Wellcom: Tunisie, Grèce, engouement de l’économie du partage… Une saison estivale pas comme les autres… Quel bilan à mi-parcours ?

Paris, le 28 Juillet 2015 – A l’heure du chassé-croisé entre les juilletistes et les aoûtiens, un premier bilan sur la saison touristique en cours s’impose ! La canicule a-t-elle bouleversé les pronostics annoncés ? Quelles régions ont su séduire le plus de touristes ? Où vont les Français et qui vient en France ? Les clubs de... more »

Posted July 28th 2015 11:04 am

fischerAppelt AG: The American way of content

Im Rahmen des PROI-Austauschprogramms durfte ich amerikanische Content-Luft schnuppern in unserer Partneragentur Jackson Spalding. PROI ist das größte globale Netzwerk unabhängiger Agenturen, das vielen meiner Kollegen schon inspirierende Einblicke in die Agenturwelten von Indien, China oder Ägypten gewährt hatte. Hier ein Rückblick auf meine Wochen in den... more »

Posted July 28th 2015 8:55 am

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