Crenshaw Communications: PR Learnings From The Ebola Crisis

The Ebola epidemic in Western Africa and its (very limited) spread to the U.S. represents not only a public health crisis, but a PR and communications challenge for healthcare providers, organizations, and the government. Much blame goes to national media outlets who fanned the flames of fear with sensationalized wall-to-wall coverage, even in the absence... Read moreThe post PR Learnings From The Ebola Crisis appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.... more »

Posted October 20th 2014 1:18 pm

Wellcom: Jeu vidéo : Acheter au bon moment, un jeu d’enfant ! a analysé l’évolution des prix sur 6 mois

    On connaissait l’évolution des prix des billets d’avion et l’intérêt, parfois, d’attendre le moment opportun pour l’acheter au meilleur prix. Et s’il en était de même pour les jeux vidéo : existe-t-il un timing idéal pour acheter un jeu vidéo ? A quel moment sera-t-il au meilleur prix ?…, leader de la comparaison des prix... more »

Posted October 20th 2014 8:53 am

MAGNUS Investor Relations + Corporate Communication: What’s next for the AGM?

Annual General Meeting season is almost upon us once again and if the findings of a recent report from the Governance Institute of Australia (Benchmarking Listed Company Secretarial Practice in Australia 2014) are anything to go by, it may seem as though the AGM is in terminal decline.   The report found only 0.3 per... more »

Posted October 19th 2014 6:06 pm

Mostra: The App for chat ? a first for the Commission

In autumn 2014, ICF Mostra launches a custom-designed app for the Internal Market and Services Directorate General of the European Commission (DG MARKT) that enables the European Union to ‘chat’ – live – with its citizens and stakeholders around Europe. This software gem... more »

Posted October 9th 2014 11:16 am

int/ext Communications AG: Rhenus Alpina: Andreas Stöckli appointed as new CEO

Rhenus Alpina: Andreas Stöckli appointed as new CEO... more »

Posted October 6th 2014 8:19 am

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