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Insight-driven creativity: Here to stay!
360 Public Relations
, Rob Bratskeir
PRWeek | November 3rd, 2014
Smart, well-informed risk taking is fast becoming the new norm.

How to launch six new products in one day!
360 Public Relations
, Victoria Renwick
360PR Website | November 25th, 2014
The Healthy Living Practice shares insights after the Whole Grains Conference held in Boston.  Read our latest blog post to learn about marketing best practices,...

Engaging Moms
360 Public Relations
, Caroline Pierce
360PR Website | November 10th, 2014
Six takeaways from the M2Moms conference for brands who are targeting Moms.

Global Street Fight(TM) Study
G&S Business Communications

Sense & Sustainability(R) Research
G&S Business Communications

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"The PROI partnership was helpful to AmericaSpeaks National Town Meeting, Our Budget, Our Economy. Widmeyer was our communications partner and engaged PROI partners – Cushman/Amberg in Chicago, Frause in Portland and Jackson Spalding in Dallas – to coordinate local outreach in three of the six primary meeting sites. The effort was seamless and provided additional and beneficial local expertise."

Joe Goldman
Vice President
Citizen Engagement AmericaSpeaks