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How Facebook really knows what you want
KISS Communications
, Theo Pepper | 21/02/18

Letting go of lost loves
KISS Communications
, Dill HIll | 14/02/18
There are going to be some very different attitudes to today. Many people will be proving their undying love through candlelit dinners and roses, or...

What does Brexit mean for the media and entertainment sector?
KISS Communications
, Olly Cooper | 13/02/18
Much has been written regarding Brexit, and the impact this will have on some of our leading industries, including retail, farming, automotive and finance. But...

How living your brand values can turn a lead into gold
KISS Communications
, Simon Fryer | 08/02/18
Values. Look at any major brand from any industry, be it Google or Airbnb, Coca-Cola or Starbucks, and you’ll see that they have a set...

Sue Cartwright joins as Account Director at KISS
KISS Communications
, Hannah Room | 08/02/18
KISS has continued to expand its senior management experience with the appointment of Sue Cartwright as Account Director. Sue joined the team in November to...

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