Somewhere else is always home to someone.

Beyond responsiveness.

Beyond responsiveness.

International is being at home with your publics

  • "Domestic and foreign." How many companies still view the world divided this way? In fact, every country is "domestic" to its citizens, and citizens expect equal treatment from any company they are dealing with, for whatever purpose. Effective PR today requires a different vision of the world.
  • Most companies today understand they must be responsive to public expectations. However, not all understand that, beyond being responsive, they are also expected to behave in a responsible manner. Often, companies are surprised they have become suspect in public opinion, and are soon accused of misbehaviour, whether concerning environmental protection, health and safety, or other areas of public sensitivity.
  • Most incidents are the result of misunderstandings, often related to cultural differences. This situation can be avoided - or even used to advantage- with the appropriate guidance from skilled professionals who understand how public opinion is formed. PROI Worldwide is composed of a group of consultancies which are "at home" with your publics worldwide, and which understand their cultures as well as they understand yours.

"The PROI partnership was helpful to AmericaSpeaks National Town Meeting, Our Budget, Our Economy. Widmeyer was our communications partner and engaged PROI partners – Cushman/Amberg in Chicago, Frause in Portland and Jackson Spalding in Dallas – to coordinate local outreach in three of the six primary meeting sites. The effort was seamless and provided additional and beneficial local expertise."

Joe Goldman
Vice President
Citizen Engagement AmericaSpeaks