Especially on sensitive issues.

Being incoherent is always a story...

A responsible company is expected to know what's going on ... everywhere.

International is being organized

  • Any form of corporate presence in a country creates an interface with that country's media, but also with local correspondents for home-based media. Journalists expect accessibility, need to identify a contact-point and make professional use of it. The absence of such identification is, to put it bluntly, a PR mistake... sometimes a costly one when sensitive issues arise.
  • Being, or becoming, international calls for a strong coherence in corporate and product image across borders, markets, cultures. It is the PR function's responsibility to maintain the coherence of a company's messages on all aspects of its business. Internationally, this requires reliable counterparts, able to grasp the international picture while adjusting to local circumstances.
  • Markets, opinions, media and, of course, corporate structures and activities are all highly evolutionary. PR must remain at least apace of change, and, more often than not, ahead of it. It must gain insight into trends which other management functions will naturally expect PR to spot, interpret and of which to take advantage. PR must also supply a company's publics with accurate information about all these changes. No approximations, just facts and decisions.

PROI Worldwide Partners can supply you with information about local environments, and become a strong ally by ensuring your corporate data is consistent when it is communicated across borders.