We play it safe. We know that international businesses need to play it particularly safe in regions of the world which carry disproportionate weight in international opinion-forming. It is in these regions that we have developed a strong base of Partners. By serving international clients, each individual PROI Partner develops in-depth knowledge of other regions with which it is linked, either geographically or historically. This knowledge allows us to accompany our international clients as they grow or restructure. We have been part of many a success story. Our contribution may have been significant or modest, but it was always useful. This is what PROI Worldwide offers international businesses. Your business.


RESULTS-ORIENTED PARTNERS— Focused thinking, targeted action. Our clients expect results. So do we. This means we want to establish clear objectives, devise focused programs and conduct targeted actions, neither overselling nor underselling what we can achieve. A sound and durable client relationship is based on mutual appreciation and fair compensation. This is what we seek in establishing clear contracts. This is what builds loyalty.

A CLIENT-DRIVEN OPERATION — No internal politics. As a group of independent consultancies, PROI Worldwide is free from internal politics. No one Partner will make an international career out of earning large fees from international clients. Our aim is to serve our clients' best interests. This may mean directing a client to one of our colleagues without having a share in the resulting mandate. However idealistic this may seem, we value our clients' appreciation of the service that PROI Worldwide can provide. We are all winners in the end.

A FLEXIBLE ORGANIZATION — No costly structure to administer. The client, not the consultant, decides what is needed. The wealth of resources available within PROI Worldwide is not a package deal: services will be tailored to satisfy specific needs. Thus, flexibility is our rule: mobilizing the required expertise, for the required time, in the required territories. Neither less nor more than what the results require. As a group of independent Partner firms PROI Worldwide avoids bureaucracy and the corresponding overhead. You only pay for what you get.


LOCALLY-LEADING CONSULTANCIES — In-depth knowledge of publics and media. Each PROI Partner is a reference in its own territory. Each was accepted in PROI Worldwide after having proven their expertise in their own market. None is dependent on referrals to ensure their economic viability. On the contrary, PROI Partners add a proven value to PROI Worldwide's ability to assist clients.

EXPERT INDEPENDENT ADVICE— Performance-based reputation. Because each PROI Partner's reputation is based on prior performance, each commits to living up to expectations. That is the value of being a group of independent consultancies: PROI Worldwide's value is the sum of its Partners' individual values. We do not sell a name. We sell performance.

SELECTED ON QUALITY — Professional standards at their best. Standards of quality are high within PROI Worldwide. No Partner would risk entrusting their clients' interests to Partners that are not equally reliable. This is why, on certain occasions, PROI has changed Partners in a territory. Maintaining quality standards is our priority. This makes PROI Worldwide at home — and trustworthy — with your publics. Wherever home is.