AIDING DECISIONS - PROI Partners help you achieve your corporate objectives.


Selecting regions or countries that fit with strategies. Doing everything, all the time, all over the world, is seldom realistic. Budgets are limited and must be applied with a sense of priority. Some countries will be seen as more vital than others; some publics more strategic than others. International PR must be aligned with corporate strategies.


Monitoring and handling public and media sensitivities. Often, priorities will be determined as much- or sometimes more — by public opinion than by corporate decisions. Setting the appropriate agenda for PR objectives requires a reliable assessment of opportunities and risks. PROI Worldwide has teams trained in grasping the essence of your corporate objectives and priorities. Our teams contribute to global PR thinking... and action.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE — PROI Worldwide Partners offer worldwide competence:

  • Shared expertise in key world industries
  • Proven competence in strategic PR disciplines
  • Balanced strengths in major regions
  • Established access in other regions

Not surprisingly, the most critical areas of PR expertise are also those where PROI Worldwide has the most to offer. Shared clients means shared expertise; shared principles. Ethics is a meaningful word for us, because it is part of both our individual and collective reputations.

It will also come as no surprise that PROI Worldwide has gained the most expertise in industries that have the highest international exposure. We remain aware of where we should devote our energy. As a result we serve our clients with the appropriate international perspective.

We recognize that, to be effective, our strength must be geographically balanced. However, our strict Partner admission policy ensures we only admit Partners with proven capabilities. PROI Worldwide wants quality rather than a long list of Partners.

The PR consultancy business can be more volatile or less well established in certain areas of the world. Where appropriate, we maintain an open, flexible relationship with carefully monitored corresponding partners in such areas. As a result, our clients have access to service where they need it, under professional control.

Allard W. van Veen, APR, FCPRS, LM
Founding Partner, PROI Worldwide
Global Managing Director
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