Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation




The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) undertook a trade mission to the UK in December 2017.

This was part of a partnership with the UK Department for International Trade, (DIT) signifying the strengthening UK/Malaysia relationship, and both Governments’ commitment to and investment in technology and to maximising their global trade relationships. It was a key milestone towards the DIT target of delivering £350 million in export wins in the tech sector by 2021.   

Lansons was commissioned at short notice to advise on the media handling.  Lansons devised a media strategy focused on the benefit to UK trade post-Brexit. We advised MDEC particularly, to target those publications which had supported Brexit and therefore were likely to be more sympathetic to any prospect of good news. We also advised them to leverage contacts with the UK Government to ensure heightened media interest. 

Lansons secured coverage in the UK’s most influential business media. The MDEC CEO was interviewed by the BBC’s flagship, agenda-setting, Today programme, focusing on the business benefits of the developing UK Malaysia relationship. Other interviews were secured with the Telegraph – one of the top three UK business papers and the BBC World Service’s business Matters Programme.  Sectoral coverage was landed in influential trade publications such as InfoSecurity Magazine and Elite Business.

The coverage resulted in Greg Clarke, the UK Business Secretary, contacting MDEC to request a meeting.