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Isle of Man Government


Enhancing the Isle of Man’s reputation as a transparent, well-regulated jurisdiction through a wide-ranging public affairs and media engagement programme.

As a British Crown Dependency and key trading partner to the UK, the Isle of Man needs to maintain close relationships with British businesses, politicians and media. Lansons has worked with the island for over a decade, chiefly with two of its main departments – The Department of Economic Development and the Chief Minister’s Office -  to bring together key Government and industry stakeholders, as well as build strong relationships with members of the UK business media. Further demonstrating Lansons’ wide ranging capabilities, we also help to manage the Island’s social media presence. Lansons has worked hard to create exposure for the Island in a number of ways. Given that the Chief Minister is based far from the stakeholders he needs to influence, we regularly arrange a number of full schedule press days with key trade and national journalists to utilise his time to the fullest.

Lansons also regularly runs a comprehensive party conference programme for key ministers to enable them to brief important Westminster parliamentarians on the Island’s key positions. The PR and PA teams arrange stakeholder dinners for Island ministers, bringing together stakeholders from both Government and the media.

Lansons has achieved regular and far reaching coverage for the Island. The most resent example of this was the FT supplement dedicated entirely to the Isle of Man. The supplement mentioned 18 of the Island’s businesses. Indeed, 80 per cent of businesses quoted were positive about the Isle of Man.

The PA team has also secured some impressive results for the Island, including setting up private meetings for them with Number 10 and the Treasury. However, aside from our engagement programme we have helped the Island manage political and regulatory events, such as the FATCA announcement in 2012.