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Supporting consumers through our Keep Me Posted campaign, which fought for a customer’s right to receive paper bills and led to an Early Day Motion being tabled in the House of Lords.


Keep Me Posted was a campaign created by our team to support the consumer’s right to receive paper bills. We built an integrated PR and public affairs team to recruit and manage multiple-campaign partners from a variety of sectors. We recommended building momentum and securing support for the campaign by holding an exclusive ‘soft’ launch with the Financial Times.

Then we commissioned a research report revealing the issues for key stakeholders at a briefing at the British Library.

A consumer website was essential. Building up to the launch, we advised on the style, content and interactivity of this new consumer hub. Overseeing the production of independent research, we built an armoury of statistics to bolster our campaign story.

We built a social media presence to attract high-ranking followers, charities, journalists, regulators and MPs as well as engaging with ‘real life’ case studies and drafted blogs and commentary for campaign spokespeople. Media briefings at the launch event, combined with a hard-working media relations sell-in, reached every national and regional broadcast, print and online outlet in the UK.

We encouraged thousands of people to join the campaign by completing postcards to register their support.

Political activity led to an Early Day Motion being tabled, gaining a House of Lords debate and the backing of over 40 peers (and counting).