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Producing compelling content and exciting live events to launch a transformational product which aims to replace finger-pricking with scanning for children with diabetes.

When Abbott developed FreeStyle Libre system, a new device that allows people with  diabetes to manage glucose levels, they unlocked an invention that could transform the  lives of children with the disease by scanning rather than finger pricking. To bring this story of newfound freedom to life for healthcare providers and the online  diabetes community, Lansons ran an integrated PR programme to launch the FreeStyle Libre system to parents who manage their children’s diabetes.

The vehicle for this programme was a sleepover at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in London, something that many children with diabetes are unable to do as their parents need to regularly check their glucose levels in the night.

Our content production team attended on the night to create compelling film of both the  parents and children. Their experiences proved to be emotional on both counts as each enjoyed their freedom for the night, particularly parents watching their children  confidently check their own glucose levels in-between playing games.

Widespread coverage, including Mail Online and The Express, generated thousands of  shares and there were 125,163 Twitter impressions (opportunities to see) on the night of  the sleepover alone. #freetodream posts on the FreeStyle Facebook page gained 19,000  impressions, leading to 667 reactions, comments and shares, which also got 1,868 post clicks.

Engagement by key bloggers including The Understudy Pancreas, Everyday Ups and  Downs, and Actually Mummy, continued to drive conversations online after the event.