2024 PROI Global Summit hosted by Brazilian Agency Imagem Corporativa

98 PROI Partners from 38 countries met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last month from May 20-23, 2024. The Summit was hosted for the first time in South America and participants were welcomed enthusiastically by long time partner and past PROI Global Chair and Americas Co-Chair, Ciro Dias Dos Reis, CEO and Founder of Imagem Corporativa.

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PROI Summit Keynote Speaker Luisa Ribeiro Delivered Message that you have to Disconnect to Reconnect

Luisa Ribeiro is the CEO and co-founder of Regenativ, funder and manager of regenerative ventures on natural sanctuaries. From 2018 to 2020 she acted as the CEO of Recode/ CDI Global, a social organization focused on digital empowerment of underprivileged youth. In her talk “I used to feel guilty visiting a waterfall or going for a swim midday. I want to tell you it’s important. You don’t need to feel guilty”, Luisa Ribeiro.

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Be-it, Ukraine Wins - Best in Show - at the PROI Film Festival

The #PROISummit Film Festival celebrated six films from our agencies worldwide. Partners voted Be-it Agency’s film as the best in the show. The winning video tells the story of a Ukrainian man who went to defend Ukraine in Feb, 2024. Tragically, he was seriously harmed while in service, and thanks to the campaign, he received his first mechanical prostheses for both his arms last autumn.

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PROI Worldwide Welcomes 6 New Agency Partners!

We’re formally welcoming our eight new partners to PROI at the #PROISummit. Welcome DPR Group, Adfactors Sri Lanka, Simplicity, Wilbron, Minerba, and Rice Communications!

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Partner News

Marcas, asociaciones, medios y agencias: el tándem perfecto para mejorar la reputación del sector de automoción 

Cuando hablamos del sector automoción, se nos viene siempre a la cabeza una palabra: incertidumbre. Y es que estamos hablando de una industria que se está enfrentando a numerosos retos en nuestro país, como la entrada de nuevos jugadores chinos, las nuevas y restrictivas regulaciones, otras modalidades de movilidad que están creciendo cada vez más, etc.  Pero si tenemos...

ATREVIA | June 20th 2024 06:05 am

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