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When making the decision on how you want your PROI partnership to function, you can choose the manner which best suits your needs.

Contact a PROI Worldwide partner firm in your target market(s) or with a specific area of expertise »
All of our PROI Partners are listed on our website. You can search for a Partner by region, country or city and by practice or area of expertise.

Contact your PROI Worldwide partner in your own home market »
In some instances you may wish your PROI partner in your own home market to help connect you to one or more PROI Partners in your market(s). You can then designate one PROI Partner firm as the "lead" agency, and decide a standardized approach to the mandate.

Contact a PROI Worldwide Co-Chair in the region of the world you are targeting »
If you are not familiar with the PROI Partner in your area or wish to explore how best to utilise PROI Worldwide before making contact with one of our Partners then you can contact a Regional Vice-President in the region of the world you are targeting or where you are based.

Contact PROI Worldwide Centrally »
We will connect you to someone in your area or, if desired, we will provide you with additional information or assist you in establishing a working relationship with a Partner or Partners within our partnership.