Article: KISS welcomes new Bangkok PROI partner

Author: KISS Communications
Date: KISS Communications

KISS is pleased to welcome Midas Communications as the newest agency partner in the PROI, the world’s longest-running partnership of independent communications agencies. Midas is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and has clients headquartered in countries ranging from Thailand and Singapore to Sweden and Switzerland.

The addition of Midas means that the PROI now has offices in most of the ASEAN market, including Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The PROI network spans over a hundred cities in fifty countries, servicing more than 6,300 clients around the globe. With its technology, science and education sector focus, KISS was invited to join the PROI in 2014.

KISS CEO, Simon Fryer commented on the news: “With this announcement, the PROI continues to expand its reach and provide important services through its partner offices, which will be of tremendous help to the agencies that make up the network. KISS has contributed to and benefited from being part of the PROI for several years now, and we look forward to working with Midas to continue to build our global communications and gain further local insight.”

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