Article: Clarifying the complex is no simple task

Author: KISS
Date: KISS

Whilst perusing the internet reading about different creative agencies that I might like to complete an internship with, KISS stood out as the one agency that not only made its key selling point obvious, but backed it up with impressive credentials.

KISS stands for ‘Keep It Successfully Simple’ and that’s exactly what the agency does for its clients. KISS works with a wide array of clients across its core sectors of Science, Technology and Education. But for them, keeping it successfully simple isn’t about providing a basic solution to a client’s problem. It is about uncovering an essential truth about a brand and creating impactful creative campaigns to communicate that in a simple way to that brand’s audience. This is often a complex, but hugely rewarding, process.

I have always admired simplicity and believe it is underappreciated as an aesthetic. We live in a world that is now cluttered with marketing messages. The ones that are truly striking are those which manage to maintain both a simplicity and a beauty.

It has been a great experience working with a team who are passionate about creating “successfully simple” campaigns for a wide-range of companies every day.

I did not really know what to expect from my internship. But I certainly had a little bit of fear that I might have to spend the next three months brewing tea and pouring coffees! Far from that, I have spent my time getting stuck in with supporting the team – getting involved in everything from competitor reviews and analysing social media accounts, to writing briefs and supporting KISS marketing.

So far, the KISS experience has been invaluable. I look forward to continuing to work over this summer and being a part of a great creative team.

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