Article: Why PROI Worldwide is a better alternative to launch a coordinated campaign

Author: Midas PR
Publication: Midas PR Blog
Date: Midas PR

Why PROI Worldwide is a better alternative to launch a coordinated campaign


PROI partners are the leading independent PR firms in their markets including England, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Germany, India, the US, Brazil, Russia and Spain. The partners share a commitment to delivering results for clients who meet frequently to exchange best practices and execute client programs to their fullest potential. Each agency maintains the highest quality standards, ensuring that adding a PROI partner to the mix always gives value. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of working with a PROI worldwide partner: 

    1. Best of both worlds: Working with a network of global agencies, brands can easily launch coordinated campaigns in different parts of the world especially in terms of content and timing. Launching a coordinated campaign is highly recommended as these days people are exposed to different messages all the time. What works on BTS trains in Bangkok might not work on the Mass Rapid Transit in Singapore. 


  • The benefit of local agency: PROI Worldwide has partner agencies in more than 80 countries. Agencies work together with other agencies to launch a coordinated campaign for their clients in their regional market. One of the biggest benefits that agencies bring is their local knowledge and insight into the market. These independent agencies know how to leverage the media and budget to get favourable costs compared to big international agencies as they have greater flexibility. 
  • Think globally, act locally: In today’s digital age, news travels fast. Thanks to the internet, the media sphere is now connected in all the countries, which means that there is no isolated place for news. It takes minutes for people in Vietnam to know what is happening in Thailand.  This is why it is important to coordinate all campaign messaging. Not only is it cost-effective but it also helps to avoid duplication by creating more meaningful and coordinated messages. 



PROI partner agencies understand international businesses need to play it safe in regions of the world which carry disproportionate weight in international opinion-forming. Each partner develops in-depth knowledge of other regions with which it is linked, either geographically or historically. This knowledge allows us and our partners to accompany many international clients as they grow or restructure. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.

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