It’s PR’s million-dollar question: “How can we measure the value of PR?” We understand that in comparison to other business communication strategies, the Return on Investment (ROI) on Public Relations activities can be more ambiguous. We are here to show that your brands’ PR investments are indeed worthwhile. Because of the growing influence and marketplace demand for communication strategies, we have to prove PR’s value in new ways.

  1. Measurable Brand Presence: Public Relations aims to improve a client’s reputation and increase their visibility among their target audience. With the right communications strategy brands can better optimise their awareness level and online presence. PR campaigns also provide your company with unlimited exposure opportunities and increase your share of voice. To see the maximum results, combine PR with digital marketing to generate more exposure for your brand. You can also check our next blog, which talks about tips on measuring the PR value.
  2. Measurable Outcomes: While PR results are less tangible than most services, Midas PR have created meaningful metrics that relate directly to business goals and objectives. Once a PR campaign is implemented you can see the change in direct results like increase in the number of website visits, application downloads, calls for inquiries, number of people who attend events etc. Even a detailed report and a marketing survey before and after the campaign will allow you to see the change  in measurable results from the start of the campaigns to the end.
  3. Measurable Impact on Public Behavior:  Public Relations strategies focus on analysing the human psyche, and using interaction to change public opinion. Pros assess brands, their target audience, their attitude, their reactions towards the key messages, and most importantly, their retention of the messages. These criteria help communications professionals accurately measure the level of success. A PR campaign helps to raise awareness about a product or an issue and also changes people’s attitude over a period of time.

If combined with other marketing tools, PR earned via various channels can be very valuable. But, proving it’s worth to decision-makers can be a tricky task. If you think your brand needs PR but you yourself need some convincing whether to invest in PR or not, contact us today. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.