Article: Big day of Budapest public transport

Author: Eva Vamos
Date: Eva Vamos

There is something new under the city
Its not exaggerated to say that the new metros manufactured by Alstom for Line 2 od Budapest have been enjoying a never seen attention in the history of the transportation of Budapest. The new metro trains will gradually replace the old Russian metros, establishing a new, high quality culture in underground mass transit on one of the most important line of the capital.

Complimentary ticket for the METROPOLIS 001
On the large scale protocol and press event organized by Premier Communications, the management of Alstom officially handed over the keys of the first new metro train, to the Municipality of Budapest on 10 July. Beyond the professionals working on the metro train project, representatives of the press and the media have been also sent an invitation, namely, a real Ticket of Honor. The event, organized on the platform of Puskás Ferenc Stadion metro station by the agency, was attended by 94 journalists from 54 media and resulted in more than 110 media reports to date.

Metro in Metropol and in the metro
Beyond the experts and the press, passengers could also have a look at the new metro during the open day organized by Premier. The agency promoted the event on full page advertisements in Metropol provided by the Municipality of Budapest, and on billboards at main stations of metro Line 2 booked by BKK. Apart from the promotion of the open day, the advertisement campaign was focusing on the design, comfort and safety features of the new metro trains.

Faces in the metro
To promote the open day in the social media, BKK organized a contest on its own Facebook page. Fans of the page needed to answer quiz questions relating to the new metro trains to win a model of the Metropolis in the value of 200.000 HUF.

Premier does not only ride the metro
Premier Communications has been performing communications tasks for Alstom Hungary since 2004. From this Spring, the agency is in charge of the communication of the company's whole portfolio including power equipment, power services and grid. Apart from the French engineering corporation, Premier performs full scale PR services for Tetra Pak, Knauf Insulation as well as for Beverage Carton Association, while the agency is in charge of conducting certain communication projects of Danone, Hungarian Product Grand Prize and Naszálytej Plc. also.

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