Author: KISS Communications
Date: KISS Communications

Robert Donnell, Head of Business Development at Durbin commented: “We chose KISS because of their excellent reputation and ability to develop creative ideas to differentiate products in the marketplace. We are looking forward to working closely with them to develop new campaigns and drive awareness of Luci within the NGO and charity sectors.”

Luci is a safe and sustainable successor to kerosene lamps, which each produce the equivalent toxic fumes to smoking 40 cigarettes a day. A Luci light requires only eight hours to charge and provides up to 12 hours of light. By providing those living in energy poverty with light, Luci is able to improve safety at night, increase work productivity and allow students to study for longer into the night, as well as reducing the risk of burns and pollution from kerosene lamps.

The first stage of the Luci campaign was the launch of a microsite, as Anthea Hughes, Account Director at KISS Communications explains:

“The Luci website is a fully responsive, mobile first microsite, which acts as a tailored online resource for the NGO and charity sectors. The website is the focal point of the campaign and stands out in this sector, providing evidence-based information on the emotional and functional benefits of the product.

“As an agency we were thrilled to be appointed to work with Durbin on the Luci lights campaign. Working to promote Luci lights gives us the opportunity to make a real difference on an international scale. This is a great example of a campaign utilising all of the marketing touch points and the team is very excited to work on this project, which has such a simple, but innovative product at its heart.”

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