Increasing milk consumption via combating misbelieves


Tetra Pak

Agencies Involved

Premier Public Relations


A significant share of the Hungarian population believes that UHT milk contains added preservatives but no minerals and vitamins due to the heat treatment. The people also have many misbelieves regarding milk’s effect on health. These misbelieves keep people away from milk consumption, thus consumption per capita has been decreasing in Hungary over the years.


The aim of this PR activity of Tetra Pak Hungary / Premier Public Relations was to introduce the misbelieves of the Hungarian population regarding milk, and UHT milk especially, while showcasing the truth with the help and endorsement of health and nutrition experts.


Tetra Pak conducted a representative opinion poll made by GfK Market and Opinion Poll Institute on the misbelieves of Hungarians about milk and UHT milk. The findings of these misbelieves were introduced by en expert of GfK, while they were professionally answered by a health expert of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service as well as a dietetic expert of the National Nutrition Science Institution.

Premier PR organized a large scale press conference announcing the results of the poll.


We generated 96 media appearances for this news, with 13.801.340 contact and 35 million HUF (=120 700 €) EAV.