Press round table event with Mr. Tony Robson, CEO of Knauf Insulation at Ecobuilt


Knauf Insulation

Agencies Involved

Premier Public Relations


In Hungary there are no energy efficiency development financing schemes similar to, for example, the “Pay as you Save” scheme in the UK. Thus energy efficiency related upgrades – including insulation - of residences are at a low level. According to Knauf Insulation, energy upgrades of residential housing is required to put the building industry (including insulation) on a growth trend.


By means of a media trip, Knauf Insulation intended to introduce examples of energy efficiency development financing schemes in use in Europe to members of the Hungarian media.


Premier Public Relations proposed Knauf Insulation organize a media trip to Ecobuild in London including a media round table discussion with Mr. Tony Robson, CEO, and Barry Lynham, Head of European Public Affairs, of Knauf Insulation.

We organized the media round table discussion on the occasion of the Ecobuild 2010 Exhibition. Bio’s of the Knauf Insulation managers were sent to journalists before the event and questions were collected and structured for the discussion.


As a result of the media trip - which involved only 6 journalists - we generated 31 media appearances, with 6,7 million contact and 32,8 million HUF (= 110.800 €) EAV, making this communication activity the most successful one of the year.