Encouraging French people to have their eyesight checked


AsnaV, the French association for the promotion of better eyesight

Agencies Involved

Wellcom (PROI France)


AsnaV, the French association for the promotion of better eyesight, was created in 1954.
Its members include ophthalmologists, orthoptists, opticians and lens manufacturers.
It is also assisted by a scientific committee composed of doctors.

There are 4 key themes:
•relations with institutions and organisations working in the field;
•alerts and screening;
•preventive measures;
•communication campaigns.
French people's relationship to their visual faculties is a real paradox.
Although they regard eyesight as an important health issue,
and 45% suspect that their eyesight may need correction,
a million of those over the age of 16 have never consulted a specialist.
A public health issue: the French, and their eyesight

Target groups
The groups in question are those French people who use methods of ocular/visual correction, the 45% who feel they may have a problem, but have not done anything about it, professionals working in the sector, and opinion-formers: the media, bloggers, etc.


=> Informing the public about the symptoms of poor or deficienteyesight.
=> Putting across the idea of having one's eyesight tested.
=> Encouraging people to consult a specialist.


"When you don't see properly"

A new, creative web series to raise public awareness, with an offbeat, provocative tone, linked to the Journées de la Vision 2012. 3 short episodes showing characters in unusual situations related to problems with their eyesight, and urging people to visit an optician, free of charge.

A web site,, that provides information about the 3 characters and episodes, along with ophthalmic health advice, and a list of those opticians who are participating in the Journées de la Vision 2012.

A YouTube reference:

A display campaign, in partnership with and

A link to the different episodes, for bloggers and social networks: Facebook ( and Twitter (, for AsnaV and the community management campaign.

Communication about the operation, directed at the media and related to the Journées de la Vision 2012.

In order to publicise the web series and generate interest in the issues involved, people are invited to submit their own anecdotes.


Over 1,357,000 viewers / surfers were exposed to the campaign /
Over 125,000 views of the web series on YouTube

11,123 visits (including 10 162 unique visitors) of the website, 20,929 page views, 153 ideas and stories posted on the website (for the production of other stories related to vision topics).
An average of 1 min 30 sec time spent on the site per visitor.

Campaign relayed on more than 85 blogs.

More than 800 additional “fans” on Facebook, Over 3,082,400 impressions during the display campaign (

Media coverage:  More than 60 articles in less than one month
One or more episodes of the web series relaied by Health magazine
on the France 5 TV channel  and  +

Audience : More than 1 million potential viewers.