Strategic approach to email marketing


Pizza Hut Delivery


In 2014, Pizza Hut Delivery appointed KISS to manage their email marketing. Email marketing management was felt to be unnecessarily complex and did not deliver the levels of consumer engagement Pizza Hut expected. In addition, Pizza Hut believed that performance could be improved while also achieving cost savings. In summary, Pizza Hut wanted a more strategic approach to increase customer response while also streamlining the existing processes in order to manage the cost associated with sending millions of emails each year.


To develop and execute a more strategic approach to email marketing in order to increase customer response, to streamline the email marketing process in order to better manage the cost associated with sending 120 million+ emails per annum and to deliver an aglie serives that can respond to short lead times with out impacting out comes.


Since being appointed, KISS has implemented key processes to improve briefing, approval and on-going management of email marketing. In order to improve creativity KISS has designed new mobile responsive templates which maintain a functional element for deliverability. KISS develops each creative and copy writes emails to ensure open rates and engagement are optimised. In addition, KISS has developed a bespoke reporting system that delivers better insight into Pizza Hut's email marketing and allows them to make informed business decisions. Throughout, KISS has taken a proactive approach to ensure that it offers an agile and responsive service to Pizza Hut.

KISS Communications