Cancer treatment animated film




Agalimmune is a biopharmaceutical company with a cutting-edge anti-cancer technology for the treatment of patients with solid tumours. Agalimmune’s vision is to harness the power of the cancer patient’s own immune system to specifically target the tumour; not only to kill the tumour cells but also to bring about a long-lasting protective anti-tumour immune response. The company also establishes partnerships and collaborations with leading institutions and companies to research and develop pioneering targeted cancer vaccines and cell-based immunotherapeutic products.KISS was asked to develop an animated film to demonstrate the benefits of this breakthrough cancer treatment to potential partners and collaborators.


The agency’s biggest challenge was to script and produce a film about a sophisticated medical technology operating at cellular level that was detailed enough for an industry/scientific/medical audience and, at the same time, was clear enough for lay viewers to understand. In other words, a perfect example of the agency’s core ability to communicate even the most complex messages in a clear, compelling and memorable way.


“The team at KISS delivered this project with the perfect blend of both reliable project management and collaborative creativity. Most important of all, a great result with which we're delighted.”
Dr Charles Roberts, Loxbridge Research, Agalimmune

KISS Communications