Celebrating 175 years




Bidwells is one of the UK’s leading property consultancies. Over the years KISS has worked on a range of projects for Bidwells including a number of brand exercises. In late 2013 Bidwells briefed KISS to develop the branding for its 175th anniversary.


KISS were able to create a 175th anniversary campaign pulling on Bidwells heritage and success nationally. Various elements have been developed including; logo, collateral design, promotional goods and a coffee table book designed to celebrate the companies breadth and depth.


Howard de Souza, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Bidwells said: “What we did not want was a bunch of creative divas that would prove insensitive to the reality of a tough trading climate or, put design before function. But above all, we wanted a ‘partner’ who would work with us and understand the nuances of an in-house team having to service its own internal clients. KISS has proved its creativity and professionalism repeatedly.”

KISS Communications