Integrated consumer healthcare campaign


Alimentary Health


Alimentary Health is an Irish biotechnology company which owns the patent for a probiotic strain that has shown very positive results in the treatment of gastric complaints like IBS. Alimentary Health approached KISS to help them bring “B.infantis 35624” to the international consumer marketplace.


KISS kicked off the process by facilitating a workshop to articulate exactly what the new product should stand for. Following this, a naming workshop to develop the product name, Alflorex, a brand logo and core visual properties including a happy tummy to symbolise the products core benefit.


Alongside the initial brand development, KISS were able to deliver a truly integrated campaign comprising of consumer advertising, trade advertising, a fully responsive product website and Health Care Professionals materials – including sales presenters and event banners.

“The KISS team clearly had well-drilled processes, which quickly and pragmatically delivered a result for us.”
Barry Kiely, CEO

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