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The Technology Partnership


TTP is a company leading the way in technological innovation. Our challenge was to create a website to reflect this.


TTP is a global technology and product development company based in Cambridge. They work in partnership with their clients to bring new products to market, creating new business from advances in technology. TTP came to KISS requiring a completely new corporate website to bring their web presence up to speed with the rest of the business.


KISS developed a completely unique and cutting edge website for TTP, built around an expanding boxed modular system. Within the website are a number of narratives comprising of case studies that provide a key insight to past projects for potential customers and partners.


TTP are extremely pleased with the outcome of the corporate website and they continue to work with KISS on an on-going basis.

“Both KISS and TTP are very creative businesses but where the agency has really added value is in their ability to push us outside our comfort zone.”
Dr Allan Carmichael, TTP

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