Turning the island resort into the most talked about destination in 2012


Balesin Island

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M2.0 Communications


Consumer PR
Awareness Campaign


Balesin has always been an exclusive hideaway for the rich and famous.

But before 2012, only a few people even knew that the 500-hectare island off the coast of Quezon existed.

Other islands hogged the media spotlight and its small customer base dwindled due to obscurity.

Alphaland, the owner of Balesin, contacted M2.0 and gave a simple mission. Turn the island resort into the most talked about destination in 2012.


M2.0's approach depended on extensive research. Because few had ever heard of Balesin, we jumped at the chance to go on a day trip. And we were convinced of the place's beauty. It had pristine white sand beaches, virgin forests, and a breathtaking view of the Pacific, combined with world-class amenities.

We fell in love.

Words wouldn't stop dripping from our pens for our media releases. We could get good coverage from it alone. But to become the talk of the worn, to do justice to this glorious island, it had to be experienced.

We sent invitations to our network of media and influencers for a "Balesin Romp", a two-day trip where the guests can explore at their own pace. We trusted in the ability of Balesin to influence minds, just as ours had been.


After two days, the invited guests loved Balesin as much as we did. Words of praise dripped in every printed page.

Young professionals dreamed of the day they could go to Balesin, while those with the luxury of going hopped on the next plane.

News reached socialites like Ruffa Gutierrez and Tessa Prieto.

After the coverage, they paid a visit to the island and gave it raving reviews online.