Bayo: Reimagining a Holiday Campaign

Agencies Involved

M2.0 Communications Inc.


Public Relations
Media Relations


The Challenge

To generate holiday sales, Bayo was planning to launch Style Harvest, a Christmas-themed collection inspired by the giant parols of San Fernando, Pampanga. However, the company was aware that their previous campaigns did not deliver the expected outcomes. To ensure the new offering’s success, this new campaign would need exceptional media coverage.

The Idea

Bayo had a solid plan in place: Launch Style Harvest with Iza Calzado as brand ambassador and utilize the upcoming holidays to market their products.The PR strategy, therefore,was to reinforce
its message with the right content.


The Execution

Before the event, M2.0 Communications created story angles that worked with the brand’s principal messageof promoting Filipino creativity, talent, and our unique holiday aesthetic. Our team also suggested tweaks to the launch to improve its ability to tug the heart, such as bringing in a children’s choir to perform for the guests.

For the launch itself, M2.0 media specialists poured their efforts in encouraging our wide network of traditional and new media contacts to attend. Our content team produced creating press releases and articles meant to showcase the fun in our traditions, not to mention Bayo’s role in promoting our festive heritage.


The Results

Bayo’s Style Harvest launch was attended by representatives from broadcast, print, and online publications. The story was picked up by the Philippines’ leading broadsheets, magazines, blogs, and social media pages.The event generated a media value worth 1.13M. More than just numbers, however, Bayo found the coverage that their efforts and products deserved.