Eradicating poverty in the Philippines


Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev)

Agencies Involved

M2.0 Communications


Public Relations and Events Management


The Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) aspires to alleviate poverty and promote long term-growth through education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The organization, in cooperation with the US Agency for International Development, is pursuing these ends through the Innovative Development through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) program which aims to foster inclusive growth through innovative businesses.

One of the program’s major activities is the IDEA Global Entrepreneurship Symposium and Workshop. Thought leaders, practitioners, and policymakers are invited to discuss the issues, explore the obstacles and opportunities in the Philippines, and challenge the participants to find innovative solutions.

Having seen the quality of M2.0 Communications’ execution of SlingshotMNL, which won a Gold Anvil Award, PhilDev tasked our public relations firm to make the third symposium a success.


Innovate the form of the symposium to create an atmosphere of innovation. Our PR firm implemented Google’s Unconference format with the search engine’s guidance to foster inclusive communication. By expanding the conversation, the ideas from the symposium are able to propagate to more people faster. 


The IDEA Symposium was triumph as hundreds came to participate in discussions and workshops. Investment, technology, and start-up media, including bloggers, online news, and leading newspapers, came to witness the dialogues, achieving a total of 39 press pick-ups from all the PR efforts. But the important result was the continued spread in different media of IDEA’s basic premise that innovation and entrepreneurship is the key to the Philippines’ economic growth.