McConnell Dowell and CCC Joint Venture

Agencies Involved

P4 Group


The QCLNG Export Pipeline and Gas Collection Header covers approximately 540 kilometres from the Surat Basin to Gladstone where it joins the QCLNG Narrows Crossing project – 13.5 kilometres of pipeline across diverse geographical terrain including marshlands, creeks, the Narrows waterway and Curtis Island.

The challenge is to engage with affected members of the community and landholders and understand individual needs to enable construction activities; and gain wider project support to increase local participation for the benefit of the community.


Maintain a positive reputation for MCJV and the QCLNG Project.


P4 Group’s approach to achieve positive project outcomes was to create extensive and relevant management planning strategies and tools incorporating:

  • Community and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Indigenous Participation
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Social Impact Management
  • Landholder Liaison
  • Local Content and Industry Participation
  • Issues Framework and Protocols
  • Media Plan and Protocols
  • Internal Communications
  • Community Investment and Legacy


  • Active engagement with the community, Indigenous groups, stakeholders, affected landholders, local businesses and service providers
  • Timely release of information and marketing materials in-line with construction time frames and schedules
  • Managed comprehensive issues/grievances with directly affected landholders, Government agencies and authorities, and other interested parties
  • Implementation of effective processes and methods of communication, as well as comprehensive project database and registers.