The Music Run: A Big Event Made Even Bigger


The Music Run

Agencies Involved

M2.0 Communications


PR and Social Media Management


Due to its success, event organizer Exceed Sports & Entertainment again entrusted M2.0 to handle the project for 2016. In order to return that trust, the PR and digital agency knew that it had to do even better than the previous year. A worthy challenge! To meet that goal, the Client Success Team advised that all communication paths must be pursued and suggested an integrated PR and social media strategy that built on the Filipino’s passion for music and good health.

The team had four months to build up the event. To make the campaign – and its messaging – clearer and more manageable, it was divided into three phases: building awareness, generating activity, and following through.


The first phase, building awareness, was crucial. Enthusiasts needed to learn about the event as early as possible so they can put it in their schedule and invite others. The team first released an announcement and seeded the article into the hands of its vast network. The word was out but to generate even more press, people needed to feel it! The campaign held a stunning September launch party and invited journalists and social media influencers to get them to experience The Music Run. Although the team only committed 25 media personalities to attend; through everybody’s efforts, the event drew 64, more than twice the number.

The enthusiasm spread, popping up in all over the papers, blogs, and social media. Unfortunately, the musical marathon was still three months away. Some people will forget. That’s why it’s important to continue to build momentum. In the generating activity phase, the campaign turned to social media. The Music Run Philippines page was revived and content was added daily. To raise people’s enthusiasm, raffles and contests, held by the event’s sponsors, were posted at regular intervals. The content worked. Ann additional 14 thousand page likes and a total of 2.7 thousand shares were obtained. Engagement rate for the event was at 16.6%, which is way above the industry standard at 5%.


As December 3, the big day, dawned on McKinley West, event organizers were busy arranging the venue while M2.0 prepared press kits. The start time, 2:30PM, soon began arriving and with it, dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of runners gathered from all over the Philippines. In fact, there were more participants this year than last, confirmed by an increase in ticket sales. The event was already a success!

The team faced a similar experience as 136 social media mavens and news reporters came to cover the event – more than twice last years! M2.0 had to escort them all throughout the event.

Additionally, the team broadcasted the happenings to the rest of the world through Facebook Live – a first for Music Run Philippines! The glorious run was followed by a roaring concert. The most widely liked post, a video of a mannequin challenge with the entire enthusiastic crowd stopping and moving at the same time occurred during this hour. It garnered 3.7 thousand likes and 940 shares!

With people, the press, and the bloggers running high afterwards, M2.0 began the follow through phase. Post-event articles were gladly received by the traditional and new media, and used as inspiration for upcoming articles that share the amazing experience of the event.

In all metrics, the campaign accomplished its stated goals. The entire PR campaign resulted in 102 pickups, a 40 percent increase from last year. With more participants, more coverage, and more enthusiasm, the client, Exceed Sports & Entertainment, was extremely pleased and confident that The Music Run Philippines will be here next year – and the years to come.