Synergy Health


Synergy Health


Repositioning Synergy Health as a partner of the health service through a public affairs engagement programme targeting politicians and NHS Trusts.

As a major private sector provider to the NHS, Synergy Health wanted to reposition itself within the health service as an ‘in-sourcer’ and partner of the health service, rather than simply a corporate, separate entity. Lansons public affairs experts advised that to do this it was imperative that Synergy Health engaged proactively with politicians and NHS officials to showcase the work that it does and the promote the partnership it has with specific NHS Trusts.

Lansons created a targeted engagement programme for Synergy, inviting politicians from constituencies within which Synergy had a significant presence, in order to showcase the service it provides for the MPs’ constituents. Lansons also advised Synergy Health that if it wanted to separate itself from other private providers,  it needed to offer the NHS something different. We therefore advised the client to draft a new ‘Concordat’ with the Health Service,  designed to create stronger ties with public health officials and to position it as a trusted partner.

Lansons secured those MPs, whose constituencies covered the client's most important facilities, to meet with Synergy Health. This helped to create awareness of the service that Synergy Health provides and led to George Howarth MP sponsoring a Synergy Health event in Parliament. Lansons also secured press coverage of the MP visits in key regional publications in order to generate awareness of the client’s work locally too.