MSD Healthcare




Building an integrated stakeholder plan to demonstrate the company’s commitment to boosting access to healthcare in the UK.

Lansons helped MSD to reposition its brand amongst stakeholders to demonstrate the company’s commitment to increasing access to healthcare in the UK, its innovative healthcare solutions for patients and its differentiated approach to ‘providing more than just medicines’. The basis for the integrated stakeholder plan began by working collaboratively with the MSD UK leadership team to articulate the strategic narrative, and supporting key messages, which told the UK story for both internal and external audiences. This was developed into a presentation, and highly visual, engaging film, which was then rolled out across the organisation.

The second phase involved Lansons convening MSD Directors and leading a workshop to re-define MSD’s corporate communications objectives, identify key stakeholders (internal and external) and to start to build an integrated stakeholder plan. Key messages were developed for each stakeholder group and an engagement plan was rolled out to help bring employees across the business on board with the stakeholder plan.