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Increasing the awareness of and driving sales for Asda Money’s travel money rate sales which occur regularly throughout the year.

Asda Money wanted to amplify awareness of its regular travel money rate sales, and to showcase Asda Money as a provider that consistently offers low rates. We advised the team to keep the alerts simple and brief those journalists that are likely to have the most influence and reach – specifically MoneySavingExpert and the wider money saving media.

Execution of the campaign is simple but highly effective. We briefed MoneySavingExpert ahead of the rate sale to ensure inclusion in the weekly newsletter which goes out to over 8 million consumer across the UK. We also ensured that it is featured on the website. To further amplify this, we have extended our distribution strategy to include travel bloggers and non-traditional media like holiday website such as SkyScanner. Finally we decided to trial paid for social activity to further engagement with those people who are talking about holidays.

Through our relationship with MoneySavingExpert the rate sales have regularly been included in the weekly newsletter, on the website and have been featured twice on Daybreak during Martin Lewis’s slot on his latest money deal slot. We also saw multiple tweets and Facebook posts from promoting the rate sales.

Advocacy from Martin Lewis for the latest rate sale resulted in a total uplift in sales of over £300k. This can be broken down as a 44% uplift in home delivery, and 152% uplift in bureau collection.

There was also a halo effect in bureau walk up where customers had seen Martin Lewis on Daybreak.