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Shawbrook Bank


Re-establish relationships and appeal to new mortgage brokers at the Commercial Finance Expo; gaining dominant share of voice on Twitter during the event.

No easy feat as competitors Aldermore Bank and Close Brothers had heavily invested in a presence at the Commercial Finance Expo and brokers are notoriously hard to engage via social media. We launched the #ShawbrookStandsWithYou campaign and employed a host of creative ideas to capture people’s attention, create content and interaction, and merge the physical and digital worlds. This involved capturing content throughout the Commercial Finance Expo to use on social media, whilst running on-site incentives to generate social engagement. Therefore increasing post-event social engagement to drive business objectives, seeking return on investment:

Mortgage brokers were invited to have a feet selfie taken with Shawbrook Bank staff members. By standing on lion paw prints, inspired by Shawbrook Bank’s branding, a picture was taken along with a short testimony. Free branded socks were handed out to encourage more people to have a “feet selfie”.

The Lansons Live film crew captured interviews with top brokers, including the CEO of the NACFB. Shawbrook Bank enjoyed 22% share of voice during the event whilst Aldermore Bank had just 2%. The whole event generated 478,410 impressions with the Shawbrook campaign achieving 105,250 impressions.

Of the 351 mentions of the event hashtag #CFE2015, 78 mentioned #ShawbrookStandsWithYou.

Large numbers of key brokers and members of the media joined in with the campaign and Shawbrook Bank has been able to continue the conversations with these brokers, establishing potential business.