Cigna 2019



Agencies Involved

Midas PR 


Midas PR has been working with Cigna on a retainer basis since 2018.


  • Elevate Cigna’s position as a leader in the Health & Wellbeing Industry

  • Strengthen brand awareness and trust. In Cigna’s 2019 Strategy, Midas-PR developed more efficient communication methods aiming to increase the public’s understanding of Cigna’s customer-centric business model.

  • Focus on providing creative strategies and content to sustain a lasting impact on targeted media and customers.

  •  Increase reach and audience by targeting two types of media: lifestyle & business


As the retained PR agency for Cigna, it is Midas PR’s objectives to position Cigna as a leader in the health & wellbeing Industry by building a stronger relationship with all key targeted media that will lead to meaningful features in online and offline media.

The agency is tasked with reinforcing the Cigna thought leadership in health and wellbeing and to take it to the next level via the launch of Cigna’s 360 Well-Being Survey and See Stress Differently campaigns among others.


The agency has been actively pursuing business media whilst also targeting coverage from the lifestyle and social sections, reporting the Cigna Run Therapy and the “Officecial” miniseries.

Part of the retainer was dedicated to the management of crisis incidents, which Midas PR aided in providing Cigna with training and ongoing advisory to contain three of the company’s social media crises.


List of activities: 

  • 79 media releases 
  • Press Conference 
  • 4 Advetorials 
  • 3 Crisis Training Workshops 
  • 1 Executive Media Training 


A total of 510 clippings were achieved for Cigna with Midas PR’s services in 2019, generating over THB 68 M in PR value for the US-based company.

On average 20 media guests were present at any of Cigna’s media events, enhancing the company’s relationship with members of the press significantly.

4 advertorials on Forbes Thailand, Marketeer, Bangkok Post, and Post Today, were secured thanks to Midas PR’s coordination, making more than 500,000 impressions.

Our strong relationship with Bangkok Post landed Cigna an opportunity to sponsor “Bangkok Post Cycling Championship 2019”, portraying Cigna as a company dedicated to the health and well- being of the Thai people.