EC - Information campaign For Diversity, Against Discrimination

Agencies Involved

ICF Mostra, SEESAME Communication Experts


PROGRESS 2007-2013= EU's employment and social solidarity programme, established to support financially the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in employment, social affairs and equal opportunities in 5 areas:
Employment, Social inclusion/protection, Working conditions, Gender equality, Non-discrimination.

FDAD campaign is one of activities supported by PROGRESS.


To inform people about their rights and obligations under EU legislation; raise awareness of discrimination issues; promote benefits of diversity.


All communication activities within this campaign are carried out in the close cooperation of  all partners concerned: National Correspondent (Seesame), National Working Group and the Brussels hub (Pleon and ICF Mostra). Each year of the campaign consists of various activities:

  • Role / Active participation of National Correspondent
  • Proactive media relations and media monitoring
  • National Working Group meetings
  • National events and partnerships
  • Journalist Award
  • Information material and web page


Extensive publicity of the campaign has resulted in high awareness about the issues it addresses. By mixing international knowledge and local context,
Slovakia’s share on the pan-European publicity has been among the highest in the network.